Wironium® Removable Partials

Removable partial dentures are a practical and affordable solution for dental restorations. Doctors not familiar with the ease and convenience of Wironium removable partials often avoid doing removable partial denture cases.

Common concerns we often hear about with removable partials:
  • Clasp fracturing
  • Excessive chair time and rework
  • Low profit margins
  • Poor fit causing patient discomfort
Wironium has similar properties to a Type III gold which contributes to a more flexible, less breakable RPD. Combined with the finest investment materials that deliver unparalleled detail and fit, Wironium partials seat the first time, clasps are virtually unbreakable, chair time is minimized and patients are delighted.

Thanks to the Wironium system and premium alloys from BEGO USA, doctors can provide a superior, cost-effective removable appliance that will actually help grow a practice.


How are BEGO partials both flexible and strong?
Wironium partials are flexible and strong thanks to Wironium's unique physical properties. Wironium is similar to a Type III gold and is a high heat Cr-Co system (Nickel and Beryllium free) whose added nitrogen formula allows for chairside adjustments without worry of breakage.

How do Wironium partials impact patient chair time?
Wironium partials reduce chair time across the board. Because the frameworks are more detailed, their fit is more accurate and their look more appealing. With a better fit from the outset, doctors spend less time adjusting the RPD. And, because Wironium clasps are nearly unbreakable, adjustments don't lead to breakage or costly recasts.

Is Wironium alloys safe?
Absolutely. Wironium is the only partial alloy to carry BioCertificate certification, meaning that it has been declared free of unsafe materials by independent auditors. When you use Wironium, the materials you're putting in patients' mouths are safer and higher quality.

How do BEGO products help me build my practice?
BEGO's Wironium RPD system helps doctors build their practices by increasing the number of patients they can see, improving patient satisfaction, and delivering larger profits margins. All of this comes back to the reduction in chair time. With patients in-chair less, you can see more patients, thus increasing your billing. When patients sit less, they're happier and make more referrals. And, since you'll see more patients, offer a better product, and need fewer recasts, your profit margins will be higher.

Does it matter to patients what partials I use?
It should, but it probably doesn't. But it should matter to you. Your patients come to you for your expertise and your knowledge. They look to you for guidance on what treatments to use and products to employ. You have a responsibility to guide them to a safer, more comfortable product, when it meets their needs.

What's involved in switching from my current supplier to BEGO?
Not much. Just ask your lab to switch. Labs don't need to change anything but their supplies to use Wironium. Our products work with the equipment labs already have, so it's just a matter of them helping themselves, you, and your patients by switching to products that are better for everyone.